Spring Home Decor Quarantine Style

Spring home decor quarantine style

At the end of last summer, we moved to a new villa, so this is the first spring we will spend in our new home. I am still in the process of styling and decorating the house. We still need some furniture, paintings, carpets, and other practical and decorative items to maximize our enjoyment of being at home. But, considering the pandemic situation and the fact that we’re now living in isolation, all of that is going to have to wait until better times. However, we need to balance the flow of so much dreadful news and tedious time at home with something positive and cheerful, too. Why not do a little project to push your worries aside and engage in some quarantine spring home decorating?

Out of all the seasons, spring feels the most like a fresh start. Sadly, this year, it was also the start of something horrible. A lot has been going on around us recently. All the world is living in “home mode” and probably will be for quite some time. Many things have changed, and we have changed too. We all need to adapt to a new way of living.

This year, if you are the parent of elementary school kids, like me, you probably have no time for an annual spring clean. Nowadays, during this quarantine situation, parents of younger kids put five to eight hours a day into assisting and guiding kids in their e-learning, sacrificing their time for kids. The days are not getting any longer, so we need to give something up. Spring deep cleaning and decluttering is just not the priority right now. Spending hours together, sharing space for work, studying, and entertaining kids all day makes it even harder to keep the house clean and tidy.

Of course, there is another group of people who have either lost their jobs, cannot perform their daily routines anymore, don’t have kids, or have mature and responsible kids who don’t need any help with homeschooling that are in a very different situation. They are bored staying at home. For them, spring clean-up and decluttering every single closet or drawer is an excellent way to spend their time productively.

No matter which group you are in, I would like to invite you to my quarantine home spring decorating.

No. 1 Spring Home Decor Quarantine Style

We are living in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. I believe you would agree that it is not the best time to spend money on house decorations. I also don’t think many of us have enough time for a serious house decor update. However, we can all make a difference and create some enjoyment with little spring decorations that we already have.

For my decoration project, I went through my old supplies. Long ago, I started to collect Villeroy & Boch Easter decorations. Villeroy & Boch has a “Farmers Spring” dinnerware line with chicks and spring flowers which is sadly discontinued now and is changed with “Spring Awakening” and “Colourful Spring” collections. They are perfect for decorating an Easter table. As of today, after adding a couple of items every year, I have a breakfast set for four people with plates, tea mugs, bowls, egg stands, egg cups, and some other bunny decorations. I would like to extend this collection, but this year I decided not to make any nonessential purchases. I also have some old bunny decorations, artificial flowers, and dried rabbit tail grass. All were used this year. We all can create quarantine home decor with a bit of creative power and items we already own and love.

Villeroy & Boch “Farmers Spring” dinnerware line with chicks and spring flowers
My kitchen spring home decor

No. 2 Choosing the Place for Home Decorating This Spring

During the day, between working and learning in different spots around the house, all of us usually meet and spend time together in our living room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. I think these are the best places for a small seasonal makeover.

Spring home decor for living room
Breakfast nook spring decoration with flowers and Easter theme table cloth.
Spring home decor for living room

Find a place or a couple of places in your home that are central. Maybe this is a place pass regularly, or perhaps you rest your eyes looking at it. Certainly, these are the places I choose.

No. 3 Pick a Color Scheme for Spring Home Decor

I like pastel colors a lot. I think spring is the best time for sorbet pastels: egg blue, soft pink, lemon yellow, and mint are my go-to colors for spring home decorating. The main rule is to stick to one color palette. These are the options I like:

  • lavender and mint
  • blush and moss
  • French blue and white
  • yellow and white
  • lavender and seafoam
  • or just a mix of all of the above!

No. 4 Introduce Spring Fragrance

First, this is the perfect time to put your winter scents to the back of the cupboard, ready for the next year. As much as I love ginger cookies and cinnamon smells, I don’t think we can take any more of it. Bring on the lavender, peony, and citrus!

Secondly, switch over to spring home fragrance diffusers and fragranced candles. Smell has a strong influence on the emotions we feel in our daily lives, so let’s take advantage of it.

Spring fragrance and Villeroy & Boch Easter docorations

No. 5 Bring Some Nature Indoors

If you have been my blog friend for a while, you should know that I am a huge fan of flowers. I love gardening, and I enjoy having beautiful plants around me. A year ago, I was posting a series of posts, “Around the garden,” showing how my garden looks. It’s nice to have an opportunity to see beautiful greenery outside your window. The same can be said about inside plants and flowers. Therefore, I find them to be an essential part of the seasonal change in our home. Let’s bring some flowers and greenery for our spring home decor inside.

Home decorating for spring with flowers

I believe that nearly everywhere in the world right now, it is possible to find some blooms. Bring them inside. Cut some branches off a tree or bush and make them lift your mood up indoors.

Also, if you are in the grocery store for a rare trip for essentials, grab a bouquet of fresh flowers as a treat for your eyes and soul.

Aside from fresh flowers, there are many other options to bring some natural feeling to your home. There are many good-quality artificial flowers that look realistic. Of course, they are not the same as fresh flowers, but they are a good alternative.

Decorating home for spring with artificial flower arrangements

Similarly, a great way to freshen up your rooms is to make your own dried stem arrangements. There are so many options available on Amazon: lavender, pampas grass, rabbit tail grass. They are available in different types, sizes, and colors. There is so much space for creativity. And the good thing is that they don’t die in a week as fresh flowers do.

Spring home decor quarantine style with Pottery Barn egg decorations and bunny tail dried grass

No. 6 Just do It

There are only a few days left until Easter. Definitely, that is the perfect time to transform your home with some spring colors if you haven’t already done so. Indeed, it is hard to organize something during self-isolation, quarantine, or curfew, but that doesn’t mean that Easter or spring is canceled. We just need to be more resourceful with the way we decorate our houses and the way we celebrate every single day.

What are your spring home decor ideas? Share them with me!

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