Seven years ago my life started changing dramatically: I got married, my son and daughter were born and we dived straight into expat life, changing countries, houses and schools.

Being a strong believer of “My home is my castle” I felt disorganized and losing control of my family’s well-being. How to deal with the allergies of my kids and still have gourmand dinners together as family? How to get back my school years’ body forms having just spare half an hour per day? How to have nicely arranged closets and shelves of my kitchen without my husband getting lost while looking for his grill tools? How to have a nice and clean house and make home management simple and easy?

I was reading a lot of Self-Help and discovering that some simple solutions, like separate hard stops of the day for the kids and their parents, were a life changer. Some others, like waffles without gluten, eggs and milk sounded good, but were not so practical to implement.

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Step by step I am discovering and testing on my own family how to make our lives easier and healthier. This blog is about my main discoveries.