Fall Garden 2020 / An Indulgence in the Garden

Every season is beautiful in its way. I love living in Dubai, an all-year-round sunny and warm place. However, I am still always longing to experience every different season. I am so grateful to have travel adventures to our home country, Lithuania, to experience all the seasons. During this midterm break, we traveled there too, so I enjoyed my fall garden to the full. 

For me, my garden is beautiful no matter what time of the year. But my fall garden, especially in October, is exceptionally breathtaking thanks to so many intensely colored leaves from the hundred years counting maple trees. Seeing leaves changing on the trees from green to yellow, orange, brown, and red and wading through these gorgeous fall color pallet carpets is something incredibly special.

We arrived late evening with the dark. It was too dark to enjoy the fall scenery. But the next morning, I went outside with my camera to capture some of my fall garden 2020 colors. The weather was crisp, and the temperature was cold. I took some photos and picked some roses, tree branches, and other greeneries to make fall-themed flower arrangements for my rooms. I was happy that I went out to enjoy nature early. Later during the day, we had a team of gardeners come and blow all those beautiful leaves in piles, collect them into bags, and take them away. The garden felt a bit sad after that. However, after half of the day, falling colorful leaves covered the ground again. That is the beauty of the fall.

Please take a look at my enchanting fall garden densely packed with trees of every color. I could sit next to a window with a cup of tea and enjoy this insanely gorgeous foliage and beautiful fall scenery the whole day. Autumn indeed shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

Fall garden 2020

Autumn in my garden 2020

Fall garden

Autumn in my garden

Fall garden leaves

Fall garden

Fall garden

Fall flowers

Fall flower arrangements

Fall home decor with real plants

Fall home flower arrangements

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