An Affair with a House / An Indulgence in the Garden

I have been involved in a passionate love affair with our 19th-century countryside villa and its garden in the heart of Vilnius for more than ten years. I realized it’s hidden potential from the moment I saw the property.

After once being built as a countryside villa, the property now is actually in the very center of the town – it only takes a 15-minute walk to reach the old town. It is hard to believe that just 130 years ago, it was not even considered a town territory.

What is nice about the countryside villas is they usually have big gardens. Ours is no exception, and we can enjoy greenery as far as the eye can see and listen to the songs of birds while being in the middle of the concrete jungle called a city.

Everything looks very different now from what I found more than ten years ago. I can admit it was pricey and labor-intensive to resurrect the abandoned house and the gardens, but after so much work, time, and money spent to rescue, renovate, and decorate this historic house and revive the glory of the decrepit garden, I think it was worth it because it has character. It is not just a house. No matter where we live, it is always a pleasure to come here for holidays, and we still feel like we are at home here.

As it is summer time now and the garden is in its glory, it is the best time to show my fragrant roses, hundred-year-old trees that we managed to save, and other beautiful greenery and flowers.

I hope you will enjoy!

Countryside villa.jpg

Countryside villa garden 4

Countryside garden 5

Countryside garden 8


Garden stouns

Countryside villa garden 2

Countryside garden 10


Old trees

Countryside villa garden 3

Countryside villa garden

Countryside garden flowers

Side entrance 3


Love, Ausra!




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