Locking Up Experiences and Keeping Memories of Everyday Life / Project December Daily

Like many of us, I am obsessed with photo making by using my phone and camera to capture moments of my family’s everyday life. One day, I saw a “messy memory bank” on my computer and smartphone, so I got the idea of tidying up my memories. I then started to search for ways to preserve my photos in an organized way.

During my research, I accidentally found an Ali Edwards page on the web, and this led me to the undiscovered world of memory keeping that is called documenting – making photographic and written records of your life. I knew about traditional scrapbooking, but I had never heard about this different approach to memory keeping.


Everything started with a project called December Daily. December Daily is a platform that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas by capturing the spirit of December with one story per day. I found this project’s description on Ali Edwards’ web page, and after watching a short video and photos of it, I realized that this is something I would like to do this year. As a result, I made an order for the album and some additional supplies. This was at the beginning of September when I thought of myself as an early bird, but I was so wrong. Apparently, everything was already sold out at that time, so I was on a waiting list for additional sale. After long waiting, I got my supplies only on the first days of December. Better later, than never. It was a moment of truth for me. I have realized, that this is big, it is not just a niche hobby, it’s the hobby with many people involved. People are doing tutorials and sharing their projects on blogs, vlogs, Facebook groups and Instagram.


I loved the process of making my December Daily album. It made me realize that crafting gives me such a comfort and so much satisfaction.


My initial plan was to document day by day. But the reality was different. As I have already mentioned, my documenting supplies reached me only on December 5. So, initially, I had to catch up. And then, on December 18, we went to Lithuania for extended Christmas holidays, and I was not able to keep up with this project during the Christmas tree decorating, cookie baking, and meeting friends marathon. I resumed my work again after we were back in Dubai. It was very nice feeling to work on Christmas memories as the Christmas mood was forgotten by everyone around. I was able to relive the same memories and had a chance to feel grateful again for what I had experienced. Of course, it is strange to talk now about Christmas period just before Easter, but better later than never.





December Daily is another project I would like to do again at the end of this year. This time, I am going to be smarter and prepare for this project at the end of the summer — “Prepare your winter slides in summer.”


I am happy to share my small discovery with you and show bits of one of the memory-keeping projects I have started recently.

How do you lock memories in your mind? Do you rely on your brain to remember the past when a grandchild asks you a question? Do you keep your photos organized on your phone or computer? How do you deal with the flow of thousands of pictures? How do you keep your memories alive? Please share your strategies with me.

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  1. I’m with you in trying to keep photos organized. Am currently working on uploading to a photo organization from Creative Memories (called Memory Maker, I think). I was doing that along and then stopped years ago, so am playing catchup now. I do find that I remember stories better when I either organize my photos or scrapbook them shortly after taking the photo. By “shortly” I mean within a year. After that time, if I’ve not made notes, I don’t remember the little things. But I’m letting that go because whatever I document will be precious and appreciated in future years. I do traditional scrapbooking, not digital and not pocket pages, although I may start incorporating a few pocket pages in my albums. Having seen all the 6 x 8 pocket pages on the DD FB group, I’m getting a little excited about them. I enjoyed seeing your pages on this post. Welcome to a fascinating world of memory keeping!

    1. Dear Deborah, I am so glad to hear that you liked my little project. And thanks for sharing your memory keeping strategy. I am following several Instagram accounts that show traditional scrapbooking pages, and I can admit they look so beautiful. All the projects I have started recently are pocket pages, as they are easier and quicker to accomplish, but I am going to try to incorporate traditional scrapbooking in my projects as well. I am so excited about this new hobby.

  2. It is so inspiring to hear how you accomplished this! I too found myself on the exact same journey. I felt I needed an accountability to the photos I was taking, after all if they just sit in the “cloud” then what is the purpose for all those pictures? I started traditional scrapbooking in my early teenage years then stopped until recently! The pressure is on with having a family now and wanting to preserve our memories and those special moments together. I too came across Ali’s website and wow, it totally changed the way I looked at scrapbooking. The idea of telling our “stories” and documenting our lives is so inspiring! I am working on an album now for 2018, playing catch up is stressing me out a bit. The fact you started with the December daily and got that project completed is HUGE! I am just hoping I can focus on what really matters with our stories and not get too overwhelmed. I love Ali’s perspectives on this and how it should NOT cause us guilt or stress but to just do it our best and tell our stories. Looking forward to hearing and seeing your projects as they happen! This creative journey is an exciting one! –Whit

    1. Hi! It is so nice to hear inspiring stories. Thanks for sharing and encouraging. Sometimes I ask myself questions like “Why do I do this? Should I spend my time on this or better something more useful? Isn’t it a waste of money?” But after a minute I always realize that this is for me and not for someone else, for my sense of happiness and gratefulness. This hobby is like a therapy. I am glad I discovered it and found so many people who do the same and inspire others.

      1. I definitely agree! I have those thoughts too and I know in the future when I look back I’ll have appreciated the effort and memories documented. I just wish I could get Ali’s stuff! It’s expensive to get it here in Canada I can’t imagine what shipping is to Dubai!!?? So cool you live there.

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