Japan Through My Camera Lens

This year we decided to celebrate the end of the summer in Japan. Japan has always been a country unlike the rest of the world for us, something unusual and different. To tell the truth, we were a bit scared of going to Japan and facing all its peculiarities. However, we took courage and decided that it’s time to have and adventure and discover Japan.

We have really discovered Japan. The majority of stereotypes that we had created in our heads or had heard from others about this country were broken. We were afraid it was going to be hard to travel in Japan with kids, but it was not at all. We thought we would be lost in translation, but thanks to Google Translate scanning function it was not so bad. We expected something extraordinary modern, futuristic, advanced, but after living in young and very modern Dubai, Tokyo and other biggest cities of Japan appeared neither ultra-modern nor futuristic. We are spoiled by Dubai 🙂 It was very hard to get Wi-Fi in town and there were many places where credit cards were not accepted. However, the science museums with their innovative exhibitions and demonstrations were fantastic and very advanced.

The Asahi Beer Hall  (colloquially referred to as poo building) located on the east bank of the Sumida River, Tokyo


The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo


Nagoya City Science Museum


Kyoto Station


Although everybody says that the best time to go to Japan is a spring time during cherry blossom, we decided to travel during the summer, as we are totally spoiled by Dubai’s warmth and do not like to travel with jackets. And I can tell you that even without sakura blossom, Japanese parks are surreal beauty. It seems like you are in your imagination scene while reading a fairy tale.





It was very surprising that there was no grass in Japanese gardens and parks. Instead of the grass, moss is left to grow, the same moss we try to get rid from our lawns, and they pick every stem of the grass from their mossy fields as a weed.




To eat or not to eat was the biggest question. Japanese food was kind of a challenge and excitement.





Summer is a great time in Japan for strolling in the streets and experience summertime festivals. We had an opportunity to watch dance parades of Nippon Domannaka Matsuri – annual summer dance festival in Nagoya with over 200 dance teams and 23,000 performers participating in street dancing parades.




And finally, street oddities. As it was a summer time, there were so many girls dressed in yukata. It appears kimono is used only for very special formal occasions. Yukata – a light summer garment made of cotton or synthetic fabric for casual wear. By the way, yukata are worn by men and women.


Kyoto geisha district


Vending machine


Street decorations




         XOXO Ausra


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