Lego Storage​ Organization

I am a mom of a nine-year-old crazy engineer. He is creating all sort of machines: Rubix cube solver machines, Morse code printers, clocks, secret boxes, and many more. His dream is to become an astronaut, to build a super-intelligent house and to invent the machine that will let lost dogs find their way back home. I am so happy that he is dreaming big. Meanwhile, he is engineering and building structures and robots every day. His favorite materials are all sorts of Lego bricks: from the mainline, Technic and Education. This constructor keeps him busy all the time and that’s why it is the best toy ever.


We have lots of Legos, so much and from so many different lines that it is hard to build something if you keep them all in one place. To make his building experience comfortable and enjoyable, we created a perfect storage system. I know that there are lots of Legos in almost every house and many parents don’t know what to do with piling amounts of bricks. That is why I decided to show our solution of Lego organizing and storing.


I bought nine clear view 3-drawer and one 2-drawer storage organizers (You could find these in ACE hardware store in UAE, or on Amazon). They are stackable so that you can put one on another.


We organized our main line, and Technic Legos in these drawers, however Education sets are separate, as they have their own storage boxes.


It took some time to sort all parts according to their color, size and Lego line, but it was worth the effort.


This is our Lego drawer organization:

2-drawer storage organizer:

  • Wheels
  • Manuals mainline

3-drawer storage organizer:

  • Manuals Technic
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Mixed color Technic (brown, green, yellow, orange, red)
  • Blue
  • Blue Technic
  • White small
  • White big
  • White Technic
  • Mixed wires, strings, ladders
  • Light grey small
  • Light grey small Technic
  • Light grey big
  • Light grey big Technic
  • Dark grey small
  • Dark grey small Technic
  • Dark grey big
  • Dark grey big Technic
  • Black small
  • Black small Technic
  • Black big
  • Black big Technic
  • Figures
  • Big figures

Every single drawer has a label stating what is inside. We printed labels with a labeling machine.







We stacked these drawer organizers one on another. They perfectly fit into one side of the closet and in case we would like to put more there would be some space for more drawers.


There is no place for frustration anymore. There is no crying for help: “Mom, I cannot find one Lego piece.” Now building and creating is so much more fun. My crazy little engineer and I would highly recommend this Lego storing system. I hope you will find this organizational post useful.


Let your imagination and creativity run wild!


This is a Lego robot working clock that my boy built a few days ago. Isn’t that cool?!



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