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Last week my family and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Sri Lanka. We were in Sri Lanka half a year ago and visited amazing national parks, temples, breathtaking rocks, rode elephants, chased monkeys… This time we wanted a little touch of a real life of Sri Lankan people. My husband rented us a villa that is situated on the very shore of the Indian Ocean in the southernmost point of Sri Lanka in Dondra town with no tourists around. The view was amazing! We had 6 peacocks, 3 squirrels, monitors and God only knows what other birds and animals in our yard. We were so close to the nature.




We had some local people who took care of us, they cooked us local food, organised our sightseeing trips and were extremely friendly and dedicated. A daughter of one of them and Izabele were playing every day. They had so much fun coloring and playing a beauty salon together. The fact that they did not speak the same language was beside the point.




And look at my little Mowgli. He seems to belong there 🙂



We had fantastic holidays and it was a bit sad to leave such an easy life free from any obligations.



Have you been to Sri Lanka? Tell us about your adventures in the comments below!

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  1. Lovely pictures! I can feel your family’s happiness from the pictures.

    I went there with my family on Christmas holiday, 2014.
    Totally agree with you, Sri lanka is very natural and peaceful place so we can be out of stress.

    I look forward to seeing amazing new post again in your blog.

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