The Green Planet Adventure

It was such a nice weekend last week. We met our old friends from Romania who had a short holiday in Dubai, spent some time with them remembering our life in Bucharest. After some unsuccessful tries my boys finally built a Fischertechnik robot controlled by computer and were very proud of themselves. Izabele taught her new stuffed toy Minnie Mouse to do some sports :)…We went to the beach with the kids and checked all the attractions there. It was such a windy day, that I was hiding from sand “body scrub” twisted in a cocoon made of a towel. However, the kids completely ignored such a horrible weather and insisted on jumping, riding, climbing on every entertainment spot of the beach. I think we were in some kind of adventurous and curious mood, ready to try and discover something new. The Green Planet Dubai was perfect for this too.


The Green Planet is a museum exhibition presented in a glass bio-dome that I find very impressive. The place is an imitation of the rainforest environment. It looks and feels very realistic.



The rainforest’s life is shown around a giant tree, presenting a huge variety of exotic flora and fauna.



Freely flying birds and butterflies make everything even more realistic.






It was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed our little rainforest expedition a lot. I think it is such a nice place to have an educational and interesting family time.

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