Our New Christmas Tradition

This year my kids wrote letters to Santa quite early, it was in the last weekend of November. They both mentioned that they had been good this year and asked many things for this Christmas. They both also asked for an Elf on the shelf. Santa read their letters and on the night of 1 December two cute little elves – a boy and a girl arrived at our home. My kids found them in the fridge while helping daddy to make our traditional weekend waffles.


They were so excited. Kids adopted the elves by giving them each a name. Izabele named the girl elf Sparkles and Kristijonas named the boy elf Freddie.


These elves will serve as Santa’s eyes and ears at our home till Christmas. Their responsibility is to watch the children’s behaviour and report it to Santa. Each night they fly to the North Pole using their Christmas magic to report everything naughty and nice the kids have done. After the trip to the North Pole and back, the elves rest in a different place, and every morning the kids race each other out of beds to be the first to spy on the elves and check what they have done.


They have done some naughty things so far: drew a mustache and beard for daddy one night and ate our chocolate truffles. They wrote some notes asking the kids to behave better and they gave kids some presents.


This biggest benefit of these elves is that they help the kids to be in a better control of themselves. All it takes is just a gentle reminder that the elf is watching, and naughty behavior changes.


I never thought that these two elves would bring so much fun, laughter and nice new memories to save for our entire family. I hope this holiday tradition is going to be something that we will look forward to year after year.

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