Do You Need to Feel Pain and Gloom Every Month? Absolutely NOT

How many times have you heard from a man that he has a headache, he is weak or dizzy, or that he is not in the mood, or that he feels sorry for the entire world? While how many times have you heard the same from women? I am not saying that men never feel bad or weak, or that they are only ruthless conquerors of the world. Today’s post is not about that. Today’s post is about the fact that women feel uncomfortable in their bodies quite often. I can admit, I also sometimes complain: “I do not know what is happening with me, but I just want to cry, even though nothing happened”, I also sometimes take a pain killer some days in a month, fight with the pimples that popped up in the worst spot at the worst time and I also sometimes need to deal with melancholy mood as well. That is why we envy men their usual simple male life, because their life goes on a straight and steady road. Exactly for this reason, they would not want to be in our place. Women are wonderful, but more complicated – their life way is not straight, it is curving and hilly every month.

Since our childhood, we observe that our mums have headaches quite often, they take painkillers more often than dads, and they have their moody periods. Hereby all the pains and sufferings take root as a normal feminine state. So this is how we, ladies, live our lives, without complete comfort in our bodies taking it as a given, as a price that we pay for being able to bring a new life to world. Men do not feel cyclic pain or mood swings, and many of them have no slightest idea what and why is happening with their ladies. Moreover, it is so popular to call feminine emotions and moods as “it’s only hormones” or “she has PMS”. In many cases an expression such as “hormones”, “PMS” or “menopause” from the mouth of a man sounds as a contempt, an insult or a joke. Quite often men do not even bother to look into the situation and misuse the medical terms, the exact meaning of which is unknown and mysterious for them in order to dismiss women emotions. If a young lady rebels against something, she has PMS, if an older woman – she is in menopause. This is unacceptable and discriminative offence, although for many men it seems to be a rather funny joke.

Recently, my mom gave me one popular magazine. There was an article about periods in it. It was written about different types of pain, mood swings, psychological pain and depression in every paragraph of the article followed by an emphasis that this is the fate of every lady and you should simply learn to live with it. A month ago, I was thinking the same. I have it hammered to my head since my childhood that this is the way a lady’s body works, as well as it is normal to have headaches and belly cramps several days per month and to be angry with all the world without a reason and to feel sorry for yourself because everything seems to go wrong, but you do not know exactly what. I am not telling that you should be living a dream every single day, but I think many women would agree with me that these bad body and mind feelings being more destructive than positive are not the best for us and for our families.

Period Repair Manual

Already for some time I have been following modern medicine news and breakthroughs that can be easily applied in our everyday life. Books that change my attitude towards many things just happen to fall into my hands naturally. I cannot keep all that information that I find so impressive just for me. My poor man, he is the one who bears all my renderings of the books thirst. Lara Briden’s “Period Repair Manual” was one of these books. It was recommended to me by a fertility monitor Daysy specialist that I use for family planning. I read the book incredibly fast and I was stunned by the insight that I still do not know my body enough and that there is so much important information that every lady should know, being not a young girl any more. What is interesting that no gynecologist that I have ever met in my life ever mentioned this information either. For example, I never knew that one egg that was destined to ovulate and developed as the single dominant follicle had been developing in the ovary for as long as seventy days prior to the beginning of the current cycle, that means that if you had a problematic period you should search for the clues 3 months before. The author makes it clear that all the pain, mood swings are abnormal. Yes, you have read it correctly – abnormal. This indicates that a healthy woman should not feel pain, take pain killers and stay in bed crying about her miserable life during her periods, and if it is so, it means that there is something wrong with her body and she should fix it. So PMS should be treated as well as unovulatory cycles, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome and many other medical conditions. Doctor Lara Briden provides lots of detailed recommendation for curing these conditions with natural treatments. She describes the most frequent gynecological problems and complaints and advises how to treat them in a natural way, without operations or hormone pills. I already tried one of the recommended herbal treatments and I should say it really works. Therefore, I would like to share this information with all of you.


Although I have a boy with milk allergy, I did not know that for some people dairy products are inflammatory – they stimulate the immune system to generate inflammatory cytokines that the body uses to fight infection. Protein A1 casein is the most common course of the problem. This is a different than lactose intolerance, which is a non-allergic food sensitivity. You can test yourself for lactose intolerance and milk allergy, but negative allergy test does not confirm that dairy is good for you, because the blood test can only check immunoglobulin E (that is an antibody to the allergen produced by the immune system) mediated allergy, but a blood test cannot check the non-immunoglobulin E mediated responses, the so-called cell-mediated allergy.  That is why a blood test alone is not enough to rule out dairy allergy and to believe that dairy products are not inflammatory for you. If you have symptoms such as diarrhea, bloated belly, dermatitis, hay fever, sinus infection, eczema, asthma, tonsillitis, ear infection frequently as well as acne, period pain, PMS, or heavy periods, it might be a sign that dairy is inflammatory for you. The doctor states that in many cases a dairy free diet is a simple cure for all these symptoms.


Another interesting discovery was soy. It appears that soy is a strong anti-estrogen and not only can it make your periods chaotic, but it can stop them at all. In small amounts soy is helpful for PMS, it can lighten very strong periods, but if you have your coffee latte with soy milk followed by soy milk and fruit smoothie every day, that might be enough to lighten and delay periods or even to stop them.

Then an interesting fact about vegetarians. It appears that vegetarian ladies tend to have longer cycles. This is either because a vegetarian diet contains too much soy or because of zinc deficiency.

I would like to recommend this book to every woman. My friends, please read it and give it to your daughters to read as well. This book will enable you to realise that there is no need to accept feminine discomfort as a destiny, you will learn to understand your body’s signs that show that your female mechanism is not working properly in order to treat them preventing yourself from the occurrence of terrible diseases. If you cannot get the book, you can also find some useful information in the doctor’s personal page as well:


Imagine yourself, but without all the mood swings, without the desire to eat up a whale or a kilogram of chocolate, without cramps and that terrible acne, which usually appears during the worst time in the worst place. This type of women can rule the world and they have no will to be in a man’s shoes because they feel good in their feminine high-heels. We all know that the combination of a feminine look in lady’s lively eyes and high-heels can open all the doors that even men are not able to open.

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