Keeping Memories of Everyday Life/ Project Life

In this digital age, everything is digital – our friends, our thoughts, and our photos are digital. We keep them on Facebook, Instagram, or the cloud. Or we keep them on our phones without selecting, sorting, or editing them. Thousands of photos and videos are resting in memory banks of our cell phones and computers, sometimes five or more pictures of the same scenery or portrait.

Being a creative soul, I am not a fan of Facebook. It lacks aesthetic attractiveness. Instagram is better, as it is sleek and minimalist. There is less “trash” for your eyes on it. But both of these platforms and many other digital platforms used for keeping your photos and memories cannot be very personal. We are all constantly thinking it is appropriate to post this or that and it’s good to share your real feelings and thoughts. Maybe next year I will have another opinion, but for now, I feel I better fulfill my needs of capturing our family life by making something tangible, something that we can actually hold in our hands.

A month ago I wrote about one of my new activities – documenting and introduced you to my winter project December Daily. Today, I decided to show my other documenting project – Project Life. I am committed to documenting my family life for the whole year of 2018. To help me with this, I chose the pocket pages system created by Becky Higgins.



Project Life is a creative approach to memory-keeping and documenting everyday life throughout the year one week at a time. One spread is one week.


I like the flow of documenting so far. Every new week, I check all the photos on my camera and phone that I made last week. I select only the best ones, quickly edit them, and pick around 7 to 12 photos to print to be the ones that will represent our week in the life. I then add some journaling and thoughts, and I am good.








Right now, I am in a nice documenting routine – one layout of the album is packed with memories from our daily lives from the past week: happy and sad, funny and serious, important and insignificant weekly stories.




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  1. Love this! Good for you! It’s so neat how we live so far away but when it comes to life we are in similar places, from gardening to cooking to documenting life! It’s so cool! I’m working on an album using pocket pages too. I feel like I have so much to catch up on though. Trying not to feel overwhelmed, I’ve decided 2018 is my year to tell our story and find my style of documenting our life. Taking it one step at a time, as time permits. Thanks for the inspiration, I’m gonna work on our album today! Maybe share about it on my blog too. Also, Beautiful album work!!!

    1. ​Thanks! It’s very true, sometimes you feel more conected with people far far away than with the ones that are close. I am in the learning and trying out different styles proccess of documenting as well. Let’s see where we will end up at the end of the year 😉

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