For the Love of Reading / Review of the Year 2017

As a person who loves structure and order I like to reflect on the past year in a variety of ways. I like to review self-development, skills learned, relationships developed, kids’ education levels reached, money spent, countries visited… Some sort of personal “bookkeeping” that helps me to reflect and set myself for better success. Today’s post is the reflection on reading.


I am not a crazy bookworm, but enjoy reading a lot. I read slowly, diving deeply, underlining important things or the ones I want to remember with a pen. Sometimes I read the chapter again and again just because I want to understand the meaning or I want to soak in the information given.

Reading became a luxury for me after kids were born. It is mission impossible for moms to read books before the sleep, as they barely make it until bedtime with dozens of coffee cups, and the moment they reach the mattress they just collapse from the tiredness. Even during holidays, when people tend to read much more, moms cannot concentrate on reading – they build sand castles, hold on a bike or a kite, or just need to pay attention constantly on “mom, look what I made”. However, we moms, we read a lot, but different books. I have read Paddington and The Little Prince hundreds of times. Pinkalicious, Ella Bella Ballerina, Curious George and many more kids’ books are learned almost by heart. But we have so little time to enjoy books of our own.

With kids growing every year, I manage to read more and more books that I want. I read 19 books in 2017, which makes me so happy.

Here is my list of books I read during the year 2017:

Books in native language:

silva rerum

Paper books:


GAPSdiet GAPSBK3 Picture.jpg

The allergy book

Period Repair manual

5 love languages

Ballerina body

Modern manners

Good manners

Little  Black book.jpg

  • The Complete Guide to Photographing Arts & Crafts by Heidi Adnum


Digital Photography book 1


Kindle books:

The millionaire next door


Food photography

Audible books:


The ultramind solution

A year in provence

I mainly read nonfiction books about health, nutrition and photography. I usually choose books that can give me understanding how the human body and mind works and ideas how to be a better, healthier and more productive person or books that teach you some skills. I would rather invest my limited reading time in learning something, leaving fiction for movie time.

My personal reading goals for this new year are to try to read more before the bed, to “read” more audible books and not to buy new books until I have read the ones that are on my reading list and I already own. I am so looking forward to another year of meaningful and purposeful reading.

Happy Reading!


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