Around the Garden – Project Garden Update June 2018


It’s been a busy end of the school period for us preparing the house for an extended non-living period and preparing for the holiday in Europe. Everyone tries to escape crazy Middle East heat as soon as school finishes. So, we did it too – we left Dubai to spend our summer holidays at our residence in Vilnius.

I am pretty late with my garden situation update for June, as now we are already enjoying July. I took photos of my garden just before leaving Dubai, at the end of June, but being busy with settling down in our summer residence in Vilnius and having a break in Paris (you can check the post about it here), I had no time at all to write and prepare a blog post. Finally, I have a calm afternoon with my computer, and I am showing you my garden that I left in the desert in Dubai more than a week ago.

This year, June was pretty bearable for us, or maybe we just got used to the heat. There was no sign of misfortune around there – as long as they get water, the trees, bushes, and shrubs look happy and lively.









Unfortunately, my vegetable garden has died. I knew that eventually, it would happen because of the summer heat, but all of my tomato, aubergine, eggplant, and melon plants died just before we left for a summer holiday in a short period. As far as I have understood, it was a leaf mold, which quickly spread through all my vegetable plants. I tried to spray them with some antifungal medicine, but I guess I was too late. I think high temperature and humidity are the best conditions for this fungus to spread. It was sad to see my plants looking like this. But I know it was still a big success to have a traditional vegetable garden in the middle of the desert.


I still have my hopes for the dates. We covered them with the mesh bags to protect from birds and insects. I plan to harvest them in August.



I hope my garden will survive this summer and I will find it in good condition after our extended stay in Europe. Also, I promise to show you my beautiful garden at our summer residence as well. It is very different from my garden in Dubai but elegant and colorful. It is a vibrant garden with plenty of character with fragrant rose bushes, hundreds of years old trees and variety of flowers. I can’t wait to share this with you, too (You can check it here).

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