Around the Garden – Project Garden Update April 2018

Spring is in full swing, though compared to the country I am from. Spring in Dubai is like a hot summer. Our yard this time of the year is very colorful and lively. Birds spend their Winter time here because of Winter-season coldness. They have already left their natural environment, but we still have lots of other small feathery visitors coming, as well as green parrots – Rose-ringed parakeets that visit and join us for breakfast every morning.




Plants are pulsating with green energy, climbing and shooting up, and blossoming and bearing fruits. All the bougainvillea cannot hold their colorful flowers.


The garden that we planted with the kids is growing well. We already tried our yellow cherry tomatoes. It looks like we should have quite a lot of them.


My lemon trees were in heavy blossom this Winter, and now small lemons are forming.


Sunflowers are preparing for blossom and are bearing flowers. The bright yellow petals are still closed, but I hope to see full heads opened in a couple of days and harvest some tasty seeds later.



Fruits started to “bud” on the strands of the date trees.



I am happy to witness these nature changes and to be able to capture them with my camera.

With Love,



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  1. Thank you for these amazing pictures! It is still white here in Northern Canada where I live so seeing pictures of fruit trees growing, flowers in bloom and beautiful birds about is very refreshing! You take beautiful photos. What camera are you using? Love this!

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Whitney. It means a lot to me. My camera is Sony a6000 – practical one as it is not too big. Photography is one of the hobbies I discovered recently. I got my camera and the blog page as a birthday present from my husband couple of years ago. Since then I am learning to the art of photography.​

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