My Best Japanese Buys

Every time I visit a foreign country, I try to buy something interesting there, probably like everyone else. But unlike many, I am not interested in souvenirs and tourist shopping. I never buy traditional crafts, statuettes, refrigerator magnets or things with that country’s signs or images of favorite places. I am rather interested in practical everyday items or fashionable buys.

Before going to travel I usually do some investigation to get to know which products produced in that country are famous in the country and across the world. Which is why almost every time I know what I am going to look for to buy while traveling.

Everyone who is at least a bit interested in cosmetics industry knows that all cosmetics innovations and trends nowadays come from Asia. Therefore, before going to Japan I did some investigation into the most innovative and interesting Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, as I knew that I could easily get lost in all that great number of hieroglyphs and mass of colorful packaging without proper preparation.

Japanese approach to beauty routines and beauty products is so different, which is why it is so important to do some research before buying something in this country. Watch these funny videos illustrating a ridiculously different Japanese approach to beauty:

I hope I made you laugh till you cry.

I am not fond of such ways to be more beautiful. Therefore, my shopping findings were not so crazy. But I can boast that I came home with a big bag of interesting Japanese things.


After trying everything I have bought, I would like to mention a couple of them in more detail, as I really think they are worth mentioning and recommending.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder


This is a cult and award-winning Japanese beauty product – cleansing powder, which is individually packed in tiny plastic pods, popular as a second step in a double cleansing routine. No fragrance or artificial colorant. I find it very gentle and effective, easy and comfortable to use, as single-use pods are very handy. You just pour powder to your palm, add a bit of water and it becomes a nice foam that you can massage into the face and wash it off with some water. I find this product extremely handy while traveling. I am not using it on a daily basis, but rather saving it for traveling, as it’s so nice to wash your face after the flight, or in the middle of a hot day of sightseeing. It takes only one square centimeter in your bag, which makes it even more attractive.



Lift-touch roller


Initially I wanted to buy ReFa S Carat roller, that is a luxury platinum coated Japanese hand-held massage device to tone, firm and replenish the face. However, after trying it I was not convinced that the price and effect balance is right. And then I saw quite a simple and comparably cheap plastic version of that luxury roller in a pharmacy shop, and I could not resist buying it. This roller is amazing. It perfectly massages all the facial muscles and boosts blood and lymph flow. You simply sit in front of the TV and roll through your cheeks – feels nice and useful. Even my kids ask to make such massage before bed for them.



Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask


This eye mask is a pure cotton sheet mask that penetrates serum into the skin under your eyes to restore moisture and firmness. Super product for dry skin, wrinkles and pigmentation around the eye area. It has no fragrance or preservatives. Its main ingredients are collagen, aloe vera leaf extract and hyaluronic acid. Perfect treat for your eye area. I am loving this mask.



Sixpad Training Gear Body Revolution

This little one is my absolute favorite. That is a Japanese scientists’ innovation – electrical muscle 20Hz frequency stimulation. It was created to enhance health, prevent muscle deterioration, prevent weight gain, get a stronger and more beautiful body.


I bought 2 products: one for abs – Abs fit, and another for legs or arms – Body fit. What can I tell you – ideal lazy sport. You put this gear on your body, lay in bed, read a book and this little gear does all the exercising job for you. I know, it is not enough to use only this lazy type of exercise to have a perfect body and six-pack abs, but this is an amazing thing as an additional boost to the daily exercise. I use it mainly then I cook or when I check my emails. I still do my everyday workouts, but after using this little gear for a couple of weeks I can already see the results, and am very pleased with them.


So, if you ever have a chance to visit Japan and are in a mood to buy something, I can highly recommend the above products. If you are not a big traveler but got interested in these products, I could recommend searching the web and I believe you would find online buying and worldwide shipping options as well.

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